“Discover an entirely new audience for your business”

Increasing the income your website makes and augmenting the visibility of your products and services are amongst the top priorities for every business house. But when you’re functioning with limited margins and still lashing growth, finding the equilibrium can be tricky.
Affiliate marketing offers a cost-effective marketing solution, but reasonably, it can be disheartening passing on control of the way in which your business is represented online.

Affiliate Marketing– a high value revenue multiplier (HVRM)

Upbeat affiliate marketing make sure that only accountable affiliates are accepted, safeguarding your reputation. Affiliate marketing is based on a CPA (cost per acquisition) model that means you only ever pay for conversions. You get superior visibility, are in charge of over commissions and access to a pool of talent across your network which in turn makes it a flexible revenue multiplier for your big business.

Since its onset, you receive a group of services to fully manage your campaign. Affiliate marketing comprise of :

  • Account set up
  • Affiliate recruitment
  • Banner creation
  • Affiliate email sends
  • Affiliate approval
  • Reporting & analysis

New Star Multimedia has a highly knowledgeable affiliate marketing team that is prepared to support you at each stage of your campaign. With our best strategy you’ll have an extensive chain of affiliates, which will intensify your brand presence on the web platform in a way that you get highest attention from customers and thus get loyal client base with amplified inflow of sound revenue.